17 Sep 2020
Poal LINK Facility not accepting dehires

Please Note: Ports of Auckland Empty Depot Link facility remains suspended for Import dehires.

27 Aug 2020
Empty Containers to Link Facility

Ports of Auckland will be suspending acceptance of import dehires to Link for all vessels berthing between Friday 28 August to Friday 4 September.

24 Aug 2020
Timaru Container Terminal - Our new partner port

We are excited to announce Timaru Container Terminal Ltd (TCTL) will be joining PortConnect as one of our partner ports.

11 Jun 2020
June Newsletter

Please find our June Newsletter here.

15 May 2020
May Newsletter

Please find our May Newsletter here.

14 May 2020
POAL LINK Depot Re-Opening
Please click more below for information from Ports of Auckland (POAL) in regards to LINK (Empty Container) Services Re-opening.
17 Apr 2020
April Newsletter

Please find our April Newsletter here.

27 Mar 2020
POAL LINK Services

Please click more below for information from Ports of Auckland (POAL) in regards to LINK (Empty Container) Services.

25 Mar 2020
TCT & Metroport - Import Cargo for Essential Services

Please click more below for information from Port of Tauranga Container Terminal (TCT) in regards to import cargo management for TCT and Metroport.

24 Mar 2020
Keep Calm & Keep Tracking

Our User Support hours are the same amid the COVID-19 pandemic. As long as containers are moving, data will continue to flow through PortConnect to our users. Please get in touch via email if there is any information we can provide to help your business during this time. Please see our News page to keep up-to-date on PortConnect changes and our partner port operations.
Keep safe, healthy and look out for one another.

23 Mar 2020
PortConnect March Newsletter

Please find our March Newsletter here.

28 Feb 2020
New Cleared Notification

We have a new "Cleared" Notification which can be sent when a container has received all clearances, whether or not the container has been discharged. The Cleared Notification is useful because VBS bookings at Ports of Auckland can be obtained as soon as this event occurs.

29 Jan 2020
PortConnect January Newsletter

Happy New Year!
Please find our January Newsletter here.

19 Dec 2019
PortConnect December Newsletter

Merry Christmas Everyone!
Please find our December Newsletter here.

04 Nov 2019
Subscribed Track & Trace Price Increase
Please be advised that there will be a price increase on the PortConnect Subscribed Track & Trace monthly subscription fee to be put into effect on 1 January 2020.
01 Nov 2019
Export Pre-Advice Booking Validation Rules
At the request of Shipping Lines and both the Ports of Auckland (POAL) and the Port of Tauranga (POTL), PortConnect will be adding additional validation to the Export Pre-Advice process so that Pre-Advice can only be submitted if all details match the Shipping Line booking information.
11 Oct 2019
Welcome to our new website!
We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website! Please take some time to check out our new User-Guides to help you navigate your way around.
Track & Trace Clearances & Stops Change

PortConnect will be replacing the existing Clearances and Stops columns with two new columns.

Want an advertising spot on our fancy new website?

We get around 30,000-35,000 hits a week on our track & trace page, so you will definitely be seen amongst users in the supply chain!

08 Oct 2019
PortConnect Notifications and APIs
We now have two options available for receiving container status changes, Notifications and APIs. We are currently offering a 3-month free trial for APIs. Take a look at for more details.