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03 Jun 2021
Queen's Birthday Operating Hours 2021
Please be aware that Monday 7th June is a public holiday in New Zealand and User Support will be unavailable. For any urgent issues please contact the respective ports customer service teams.
21 May 2021
PortConnect Features Update

Please see advisory on new features here.

05 May 2021
May 2021 Newsletter

Please find our May Newsletter here.

23 Apr 2021
New VBS at POAL’s Fergusson Container Terminal and LINK Facility

Ports of Auckland will be introducing the Containerchain Vehicle Booking System from July 2021. Click more for further information.


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About PortConnect

PortConnect is New Zealand's first comprehensive online cargo management system, providing viewing of and direct interaction with containers at the ports in Auckland, Tauranga and Timaru Container Terminal, including their satellite ports MetroPort Auckland, MetroPort Christchurch, Triton, Wiri and Waikato Freight Hub.

PortConnect provides a single ‘port of call’ for shipping lines, transporters, importers, exporters, forwarders and regulatory authorities for dealing with our participating ports. PortConnect offers a comprehensive range of services and instant access to a central repository of containerised cargo information.

Our Services

Vessel Schedule

Search vessel visit details for Vessels in Port, Expected Arrivals and Recent Departures.

Track & Trace

Search container details via the free Public Track & Trace or detailed Subscribed Track & Trace versions.

Export Pre-Advice

Submit Export Pre-Advice to our partner ports.


Receive email notifications when events occur against containers.

Express PIN

Request and maintain Express PINs for transport companies entering Ports of Auckland.


Our restful API allows application integration with vessel schedule, container visits and events.

Clear Container

For shipping lines, set import clearances, security checks and empty return depots.


For shipping lines, Edifact messages including COPARN, COARRI, CODECO and VERMAS.

Storage Pre-Advice

For shipping Lines to provide Pre-Advice for empty containers entering Ports of Auckland's LINK facility.

Trade Single Window

Partner port integration with the clearance platform used by NZ Customs and MPI.

Outward Cargo Report

For vessel operators, submission of Outward Cargo Reports to the TSW system as required under the Customs & Excise Act 1996.

Shuttle Connect

Set and maintain the priority of containers destined for Metroport Auckland from Port of Tauranga.